The Video Production Process- A Stepwise Guide

Videos are a great way to tell your story, teach new skills, or promote certain programs within your country. Creating high-quality videos can be overwhelming and you can get lost wondering how to go about it. This article will guide you through the video production process to make the experience enjoyable.

Video production process

The video production process occurs in three main stages: pre-production, production and post-production.

1. Pre-production


Preparation is the most crucial stage of video production. You should think about the production process from beginning to end. This stage helps you determine weak points and difficulties that may arise during this process and find a way to solve them.

Developing a script

Regardless of the information you want to convey with your video, your script should hold the audience’s attention and be engaging and concise.


This allows you to visualise how your video will look. A storyboard will give you a clear visual portraying various aspects of the film, such as colouring, lighting, transitions and framing.

Plan the shoot

Everything concerning the actual video shooting is organised here. These include:

• Identifying and securing a location

• Assembling the crew, including actors, directors and technicians

• Organising equipment

• Acquiring licenses required

2. Production

This is the actual shooting of the footage and on this day, the director takes charge. He ensures the script and the storyboard are followed concisely and everyone involved is up for the task delegated to them.

3. Post-production

Video editing

A good editor should analyse the footage and choose the best takes to feature in the final video. The editor will cut, organise and put the film together depending on the script and the storyboard. You can also add graphics and special effects and music if necessary for that specific video.


When you are satisfied with the final cut of your video, you can turn it into the correct quality and format. When everything is polished out, distribute your video through various hosts depending on your budget.


Video production requires high collaboration and hence you should get the best team with the required expertise. Follow the above steps to get a high-quality video while still enjoying the process.

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