Tips for Filming and Editing Marketing Videos

Most companies/businesses want to improve the marketing of their videos, but it cannot be successful if Filming and Editing is not done correctly ( The most important things that should be considered are editing software and the camera itself.

Editing and filming videos is easy only if you have some important things like those discussed below. These tips will apply in both live and traditional videos.

Prepare your presenters

It’s important to ensure that your presenters or subjects are ready and understand what is expected of them, which is to lower the chances of making mistakes and save time.

You should know how the results will look like before arriving at the venue, and the presenters should be ready ( One mistake you should avoid is making your subjects memorize various pages of the script this will only make them anxious.

Cameraman with camera on a crane on video production set while model is in make-up

Avoid conflicts between Artificial and Natural light

A video needs lighting, ( and each light has a different temperature, this is complicated, and you need to be keen because if you happen to mix two light sources, whose color temperatures are different, be sure the shot will not be clear.

Use the rule of thumbs.

This rule should always be applied when taking pictures or filming, using this rule makes it easier for your eyes to read and take an awesome shot, your subjects don’t have to know that because this is your job.

Know the B-Roll Footage You Need

This is a professional that every photographer should know, B-Roll is simply a footage that doesn’t belong to any of your primary subjects. This includes pictures of happy clients using some of your products.

This post has at least given you some ideas of things to avoid and what to try, and when the time comes for you to produce your marketing videos, you will do great.

Tips for Filming and Editing Marketing Videos