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Jolly Roger Drive-In Theater
Taylor Michigan
Michigan Drive-In Theaters -
Name: Jolly Roger Drive-In
Address: 24745 Van Born Rd. Taylor, MI 48180
County: Wayne
Open Date: 9/15/54
Close Date: 1990
Status: Demolished, vacant lot
Car Capacity: 1,600
Screen Count: 1
Owners: Nicholas George Theatres
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Jolly Roger Drive-In

Jolly Roger Drive-In Theater
History & Comments

Status: Gone, vacant lot. (Whit Whitworth 12/98)

Update: I managed the Holiday Drive-In, I also worked at the Fort George, the Jolly Roger, and was the misfortunate person that was given the sad task of putting the final marquee on the Michigan Drive-In stating that it was closed. The location on the site lists it as Wyandotte, but it was actually Southgate. It is now a strip mall and a Chi-Chi's and Best Buy. (Christoper Allen 7/16/00)

Update: Still a vacant lot, driveways remain. ( 1/02)

Update: I watched the film, "The Northville Cemetary Massacre" and saw that a bloody biker gang gun fight was filmed there. Very cool I had all but forgotten about the Jolly Roger.(Syd Barrett 6/20/04)

Update: This drive-in can be seen in the movie "Northville Cemetery Massacre". (John 6/21/04)

Update: This Drive-In was also owned by Nicholas George, Nicholas George Theatres. (B. Goldberg 12/23/04)

Update: The Jolly Roger Drive-in was NOT in Wyandotte or Southgate. The Jolly Rogers was on the South side of Van Born Rd in the city of Taylor. (Brent Bachman 3.23/05)

Update: It is still a vacant lot. I would be great if someone decided to build another drive in on the Jolly Roger site. I sure do miss having a drive in downriver. (Butch Hoek 7/8/06)

Update: I lived 6 blocks away from the Jolly Roger until I was 11 years old. We'd (brother and friends) sneak in under the steel fences that lined the drive in and sit by the speakers and watch movies. Also had a friend who lived on the block that ran along the fence. Used to sit on his roof top and watch movies and try any figure out what was being said. Last movie I saw was a Candid Camera movie with Allen Funt called "What do you say to a Naked Lady" I now live about 1 mile from there. Vacant Lot. Trees are growing are getting big...30 ft or more. Wish I had the $$ to bring it back...downriver needs a Drive-In. (Don Gardner 7/28/06)

Update: I sure do miss the Jolly Roger. FYI According to the Insite Commerical Properties website, The property is listed for sale at 3 million dollars or 187,000 per acre. (Butch Hoek 9/5/06)

Update: The Jolly Roger had two working amusement park rides that operated in that little play ground that all theaters had in front of the movie screen. They had a merry go round and another round and round ride that I can't remember as well. I always thought that this was the height of coolness when I was a kid. I really liked the playground at the front of the Jolly Roger. It was heads and shoulders better than any of the other DI theaters in the area. (Louis Sequin 9/13/06)

Update: The Jolly Roger was a great Drive In. It is a shame today's kids can't experience the good times we all had at the drive in. (Butch Hoek 9/16/06)

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